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Section 102 of the Solomon Islands Constitution requires the Finance Minister to present estimates of revenue and expenditure each year in the form of an Appropriation Bill to the Parliament for approval.  Without the approval of Parliament and the passing of the Appropriation Bill as an Act of Parliament, there is no authority for public servants to spend public money.

The papers relating to this process are known as the Budget, and through the links below you can access the current and past Budget papers.


Title Type Size
2019 Volume 1 Financial Policy Objectives and Strategies .pdf 3.71 MB Download
2019 Recurrent Budget .pdf 2.55 MB Download
2019 Development Budget .pdf 3.16 MB Download
2019 Budget Speech .pdf 648.64 KB Download
2018 Mid Year Budget Review .pdf 966.09 KB Download
2018 Volume 1 2018 Volume 1 Budget Strategy and Outlook .pdf 12.84 MB Download
2018 Recurrent Budget 2018 Recurrent Budget .pdf 2.72 MB Download
2018 Development Budget 2018 Development Budget .pdf 4.24 MB Download
2018 Financial Circular no. 1 2018 Financial Circular no. 1 .pdf 3.20 MB Download
Schedule of Ministry Budget Consultation on the Execution of the 2018 Budget Schedule of Ministry Budget Consultation .pdf 249.61 KB Download
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