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Pre-2017 quarterly debt bulletins and monthly debt reports are contained below. 

These bulletins and reports detail the affordability and sustainability of Government borrowing.

Quarterly Debt Bulletins

December Quarter 2016

September Quarter 2016

June Quarter 2016

March Quarter 2016


Monthly Debt Reports

Title Type Size
Debts_September_2016 .pdf 23.57 KB Download
Debts_July_2016 .pdf 23.17 KB Download
Debts_June_2016 .pdf 23.21 KB Download
Debts_May_2016 .pdf 23.15 KB Download
Debts_April_2016 .pdf 23.17 KB Download
Debts_March_2016_ .pdf 23.49 KB Download
Debts_February_2016 .pdf 23.46 KB Download
Debts_January_2016 .pdf 23.43 KB Download
Debts_November_2015 .pdf 23.74 KB Download
Debts_October_2015 .pdf 23.06 KB Download
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